Baila- Bailan Pala Rakasta PRA.neg
Baila- Bailan Kiitoradalla x Baila- Bailan Syyntakeeton

EC Baila-Bailan Pahinkaikista SIA n

CH Blue-Iams Gizmo SIA a x Baila-Bailan Satulaulu SIA n
3 x BIS
8 x NOM
multible BEST OF Variety


Owner: Christian Lantti, Klaukkala



EP Baila-Bailan Pelkkää Pilaa

SIA n 21, neuter
Neuter of The Year 1999

GIC Yahtzee´s Flaying Saucer (SIA n 21) x IC Ballawhane Bailabaila (SIA n)
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Bailabaila's first wedding took place in August 1997. The charming groom was GIC Yahtzee's Flying Saucer, a Swedish import. The result was a boy GIP Baila-Bailan Pelkkää Pilaa, who was born in to this world on October 20th, 1997. It was clear from the beginning that nobody in this world would have enough money to buy this boy. Although I was expecting for a seal point girl, I ended up getting this seal tabby point boy, who's always getting into mischief, just like his name says (Pelkkää Pilaa = Nothing But a Joke) Viltsu is the joker of our cattery who never gets tired of playing.

Because Viltsu matured really early and I didn't have a suitable female for him, he became an ex-stud in no time. Viltsu competes as a neuter and he's been BIS four times in SUROK shows and one time TUROK shows. He's also been BOX in Vaasa and in Germany. Viltsu got his GIP title in the SUROK show on October 23rd, 1999, being also BIV in that show. He got a fantastic review from the judge and a little present:>)So, Viltsu is now SRK cat of the year 1999. It's wonderful, him being after my own breeding!