My new queen:

Kelmikerhon Zaza Siitä Tuli SIA c

Geishagoll Winter Wonderland x Kelmikerhon Oikea Prinsessa SIA n


Baila- Bailan Rakastele Mua SIA g 


Yahtzee´s FellaInTheMood x Baila- Bailan KeskiyönTanssi Sia n


 CH Baila- Bailan Devilisaloser SIA a sininaamio siamilainen 

Kelmikerhon Qsenkerkkä SIA n x Baila- Bailan Pois Alta SIA a

CH Baila- Bailan Keskiyön Tanssi SIA n ruskeanaamio siamilainen 

Kelmikerhon Oma Hyväinen SIA n x Baila- Bailan Iloinen Ilkiö SIA n

Silmä lepää Suskin korvien asennossa. Ihanan luonteinen kissa. 



Baila-Bailan Säkenöivävoima

SIA n, neuter
EC Ulindi v.d. Gruestiege SIA n x GIC Ballawhane Hestia-Hera SIA b 21

Baila-Bailan Säkenöivävoima is out of Hese's first litter. I was so happy when I realized one of the two girls in the litter is a seal point. She is known as Sipu at home and she has a happy personality and she is very lively.


GIC Ballawhane Hestia-Hera

SIA b 21, neuter
IC Sleepy-Dragon A. Crowley (SIA n) x IC Peppina av Karitzy (SIA h 21)

Hese moved to our house and charmed everybody's heart. She loves everything and everyone. Is always purring and trying to get on your lap. Mama Bailabaila started taking good care of little Hese after her initial hate reaction. She has the exclusive rights to give Hese her morning wash.

Being a tabby point, Hese charmed brother Viltsu rigth away. Some of Hese's speacialities are tasting everything that smells bad and running "tabby rally" with Viltsu.


IC Ballawhane Bailabaila

SIA n, neuter
Breeding queen of the year 1998

EP&EC Zodiac av Karitzy, DM (SIA n) x 
WW/00, EP&EC Kautonsalon Greta Garbo, DM (SIA n)

Her highness Ballawhane Bailabaila is the supreme goddess and the foundation queen of our cattery. She is the one siamese of our cats who rules the household. She's a cat who will not compete with the other cats because of her great divinity, she wouldn't lower herself to their level. She will rather watch and look down on them.
Bailabaila was born on October 1st, 1995. I had reserved her already a year in advance. The seal point lady point moved over to our house and stole out hearts. These days she is known as Madame Goddess Bailabaila. She is the only siamese in this house that is allowed to share our bed. She is aware of her own greatness, and she's never been told "no" and that it something YOU CAN TELL!!!

Bailabaila has given me two litters. The first kitten, Baila-Bailan Pelkkää Pilaa was born on October 20th, 1997. The second litter saw the light of day on May 5th, 1998. In that litter were Baila-Bailan Milla Magia (SIA n), Baila-Bailan H. Hadrianus (SIA n 21) and Baila-Bailan S. Silppanen (SIA n).
Bailabaila competed in 3 shows in the breeding class in 1998 and she became the best breeding queen of the year in SRK (The Finnish Cat Association). The madame herself couldn't care less of her titles - she lives in her own little princess world, making it clear to everybody why she was born to this world - to make us human understand that there are higher beings than people. Bailabaila comes from a wonderful family herself; her full sister Ceridwen is a FIFe World Winner of 1997 & 1998, her mother IP & EC Kautonsalon Greta Garbo, DM was the best breeding queen of SRK, in both 1996 and 1997 and her father GIP & EC Zodiac av Karitzy, DM was the best stud of SRK in 1996.