Sire: EC Ulindi v.d. Gruenstiege (SIA n)

Dam: GIC Ballawhane Hestia Hera ( SIA b 21)


Baila-Bailan Säkenöivävoima 
 SIA n female


Baila-Bailan Säkenöivävoima is out of Hese's first litter. I was so happy when I realized one of the two girls in the litter is a seal point. She is known as Sipu at home and she has a happy personality and she is very lively.

PR Baila- Bailan Rumat Sävelet
SIA b 21 male

Repu lives her in Pori with Rauni and he also has two feline roommates, a European shorthair called Termari and a siamese named Papa. Repa has carried out the family tradition by ruining a waterbed.

GIP Baila-Bailan Rikasrämäelämä 
 SIA b female

The Best Siamese neuter 2002

GIP Baila-Bailan Rikasrämäelämä, the great DIVA Ameeba, lives with Heidi and IP Bajangin Baleno in Helsinki. Ameeba has probably inherited her know-it-all personality from Aunt Bailabaila. Greed is apparently something she gets from mom.  

Ameeba has been a gaint sized baby girl in show classes 11 and 12
and she outgrew her mother by the time she was 6 months old.
Now she is multiple BIS, Box and NOM winner.

Thank you Heidi!

Baila-Bailan Onmullaunelma 

Baila-Bailan Rikasrämäelämä