Sire: IP Nilio v.d. Gruenstiege (SIA b 21)

Dam: IC Ballawhane Bailabaila (SIA n)

Bailabailas second litter was born on May 5th, 1998. The father of these children is SRK's Kitten of the Żear 1997 & Breeding male of 1998, Nilio v. d. Gruenstiege.

Baila-Bailan S. Silppanen
SIA n male

The seal point boy S. Silppanen AKA Rambo was already as a kitten the boss of the litter. Now he lives in Helsinki in the same household with his great-great uncle making his owner's hair turn grey.

Baila-Bailan Milla Magia
SIA n female

Seal point girl Baila-Bailan Milla Magia is neuter femele. Even as a litter girl Milla was a little lady who knows what a jewel she is and she lives hear nearby with a friend of mine. Milla has also been seen in shows and she's done well - she's been nominated for three times and lost for example to her brother Hani.

Milla being her mother's daughter greets everybody, not just old friends, by jumping to their laps with her paws pointing to the sky. She's definitely not a nerd and where ever she is, there's always something happening. One of her favourite hobbies is sticking her nose everywhere amd partying all night. Just like her mother.

Baila-Bailan H. Hadrianus
SIA n 21 male

H. Hadrianus is a seal tabby point neuter male, the nerd of the house. Hani got returned to me and I promised him he wouldn't ever have to move away again... Not a single tabby point has moved away from us to live in a new home. Try breeding seal points this way...

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