EP Baila-Bailan Pelkkää Pilaa
SIA n 21
DOB: 20.10.97

Cat of The year 1999

Sire: GIC Yahtzee´s Flaying Saucer (SIA n 21)

Dam: IC Ballawhane Bailabaila (SIA n)

Bailabaila's first child Pelkkää Pilaa was born on October 20th, 1997. His father is GIC Yahtzee's Flying Saucer. Viltsu was an only child and he got his name Pelkkää Pilaa (=Nothing but a Joke) because Bailis' nickname when she was younger was Pilapila (=Jokejoke) Now Viltsu is known as the humour cat - he is living up to his name, which really is perfect for him. Just as everybody already knows, Viltsu remained at home for our joy.