Siamese is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world: the breed has been traced back all the way to the 17th century. The conquering of the world only began in the late 19th century when siamese found their way to England. From there they spread around the world quite quickly. To Finland siamese came probably after World War 2 in the late 1940's. Siamese come in 20 different colors and also completely white. All siamese always have blue eyes.

A siamese cat is great for people who want a lot from their cat, but at the same time are willing to give a lot. A siamese has a terrible voice and is always ready to use it if needed. My siamese hang from the house plants, taste everything from homemade mustard to soft drinks, redecorate the house by hanging the curtains where they want, love doing everything.A siamese is willing to help you no matter what you're doing - even going to the bathroom isn't a private thing if you own a siamese - at the moment as I'm writing this I have three masked cats on my lap. A siamese is very emotional and is happiest when given the chance to be truly siamese. They choose one spesific person to love more than anything, their personality is extremely open and when the doorbell rings, they are the first ones to greet the guests. A siamese owns long paws that reach everywhere, the long nose fits into every hole, a siamese loves doing everything and only when you have a siamese in your home, your home is complete.

A siamese cat is not for anyone who thinks a cat shouldn't be seen or heard at home. It's not for anyone who's looking for a cute furry cat baby. A siamese demands a lot and its beautiful, elegant appearance doesn't always attract people. Siamese cats themselves couldn't care less of being judged, they know they're above everything else. They love being the center of attention. A siamese wants to share your breakfast with you, eat the meat you're having for dinner, drink your evening tea and read your daily newspapers. A siamese wants to wrap you around its long paw so that there won't be anything else in your life.

I have always admired siamese cats and in 1995 when I was studying at Satakunnan maa- ja metsäinstituutti in Kokemäki, I had to pick up a subject for my final paper. It seemed natural to choose Siamese cats that had always attracted me. I had thought that one day I'd have one, but I didn't imagine that day would come already about a year later. Through my research work I got to know Kristiina Rautio, the head of the Siam-Orient cat club. She helped me to get all the material I needed and I was finally able to finish my paper. I decided that I was ready to get a siamese and I reserved a kitten from Kristiina. I had to wait a whole year for the kitten, but it was worth the wait and now I get to enjoy the presence of that lovely cat lady. I wouldn't change a day. Siamese is my breed.

My cattery prefix Baila-Bailan (registered in 1996) was named after my goddess Bailabaila. She has been THE siamese of my life and it's wonderful to have her children and grandchildren fill our house. My aim is to breed siamese with siamese-only pedigree - cats that have great personalities and that are super healthy and nice in type.

Marika Grönman